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Our mission is:

Karla J Williams Foundation Mission

Supporting women cancer patients and their families . . .

The Karla J Williams Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to better the life of women cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment. They do so by providing nurturing support services. The foundation also exists to increase public awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of women’s cancers. Our mission includes connecting patients in Northern California to resources and available clinical trials

Support services provided include housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments and treatments, day care services, meals for the patient and their families, and other daily routine tasks in order to make their fight with cancer a little less challenging.

We feel the best way to beat cancer is with a fighting chance!

Therefore we want to make patients undergoing treatment to have the least amount of stress possible.

Our goal is to help with the chores patients are not able to do because of the affects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Providing meals for families, housekeeping, running errands, chores that need to be accomplished that we can help with.